Hang Gliding

Float through the sky like a bird in the

way you might have imagined

but never dreamed was

really possible



  • We fly ages 8 to 108

  • Our glider is rated for passengers up to 225 pounds

  • Group rates available


Altitude: 2,000 ft

Price: $179

      Options & Pricing

Altitude:3,500 ft

Price: $299

Altitude:5,300 ft

Price: $399

For information or to schedule a hang gliding flight, call (757) 346 1134

GoPro high definition videos of your flight are available
for an additional charge of $99 + tax
By appointment only

May 1st - September 30th
(May weekends only)
(Mid-September Saturday only)
Our location:
16620 Coal Kiln Rd, Painter, VA 23420
Hours of operation:
Email us:

Gift certificates are available

To schedule flights please call:
(757) 346 1134
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